May 242014

Even at this end of an overload of beauty and stimulation, the quality of the architecture and monuments in Munich is exciting. Although it was heavily damaged by allied bombing during World War II, many of its historic buildings have been rebuilt and the city center apparently appears mostly as it did in the late 1800s including its largest church, the Frauenkirche, and the famous city hall (Neues Rathaus).

It seems the people of Munich do not like their city to be associated only as a city of beer and Oktoberfest.   In the 19th century the Bavarian kings transformed Munich into a city of arts and science .  Today Münchners state that they feel their cities’ position among German cities has diminished since Berlin again became the capital in the 1990s. They seem proud just to be themselves.

Munich Skyline at Marienplatz

Munich Skyline at Marienplatz


Walkabout Views


Bus Ride Overview


Walk at Dusk–Nymphenburg Palace near our Hotel


Gardens Side


Fun Reflection Caught on Bob’s IPhone


Gaggles and Gaggles Pooping and Hissing


Momma Letting Us Know We Are Close Enough