May 212014

San Giusto Castle

Sun bathing weather for the natives but on rocky “beaches,” sailboat decks or concrete slabs; no sandy beaches here. For us it was day for museums–San Giusto Castle and Cathedral–splendid audio guided history of Trieste housed in a early 15th century castle with interesting add ons from later periods. Located on a high hill in the heart of the old city with a 360 degree view and adjacent to the cathedral it was close if not an easy uphill climb from our hotel.


Inside the Castle Museum

After a delicious leisurely late lunch we made a fairytale visit to Miramare Castle a gleaming white edifice jutting out into the sea. This mid-nineteenth century castle was commissioned by Maximilian of Hapsburg, brother of the Emperor Franz Joseph, and “Emperor” of Mexico in his own right, Max and his young wife Charolotte built and furnished the castle combining eclectic tastes of the period with the intent of living there. But Max was assassinated in 1864 in Mexico and Charlotte retired into madness and died in Belgium in the 20’s. Today all is very much in tact and well preserved along with the the beautiful park grounds.


Miramare Castle


Glimpses Inside the Castle