Jul 262010

Rain and cold returned and so the former pictures of the sparkling fjords and boat basins look wintery and gray.

We began this morning with the resistance museum. It is still inspiring what these countries have endured and overcome. It was then more Munch, as in only Munch at his very own museum. We then tested their public transport system–rail trams as well as subway–and lots of walking. Topping off the day with a visit to the palace, home of the beloved King and Queen. No interior visit, just the beautiful grounds and gardens and the changing of the guard, note the brushy helmet piece. Enough palace interiors already!

We are off to Bergen right after breakfast driving up through what is referred to as “Norway in a Nutshell.”

Jul 252010

Yet another fascinating day!!

Early out to catch the boat to Bygdoy Peninsula and a visit to Frammuseet (Housing the wooden  explorer ship that made three polar expeditions between 1893 and 1912), the Kon-Tiki Museum (I made a 10th grade report on this expedition) and finally the Norsk Folkemuseum showing 155 traditional houses from all over Norway and including the Gal Stave Church from 1200.

Pictures below have more details behind.  So double click if you are interested.  Also the Folke Museum pictures are on a separate page. Double click on categories in the upper left to see details and pictures about the Folke Museum. By now it must be clear that you are on the wrong blog if you don’t like social history. Battles and bullets just are not my thing.

Jul 242010

We left Stockholm early on a sunny and brisk breeze.  Crossing Sweden it grew colder and colder turning gray and blustery.   After stopping for a lunch picnic we put on polartec and socks and cranked up the heat.  Soon after crossing the border into Norway farms began to be bigger, valleys  enormous and  cultivated in lush rolling sections dotted with prosperous and beautifully maintained red and white trimmed farmhouses, barns and other out buildings.  The countryside is vast.   The highway was excellent and driving seemed easy from the passenger point  of view.

Pulling into Oslo mid-afternoon it was cold and threatening rain.  But this morning we awoke to brilliant sunshine and shorts and tee shirt weather.

Oslo is a compact city with lots of parks and inviting avenues lined with trees and wide pedestrian areas dotted with fountains and flowers.   We have had a leisurely day of savoring Munch and his 19th century Norwegian artist contemporaries in their National Gallery.

City Hall was a worthy visit with its own fascinating history of  construction and decoration begun in 1938 and completed in 1950 but  suspended during the Nazis occupation.  Built and decorated entirely out of materials from all parts of Norway by Norwegian artists, it is a functional 20th century structure in contrast to the other city halls we seen thus far reminding us that Norway has only a recent history as an entirely independent country from Sweden.