Vilnius…Resilent City

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Jul 092010

Our visit to Vilnius has filled in a huge gap in our understanding of Baltic history. It has been an awakening to their rich heritage and all that they have lived through. Yet they are thriving today. Eight unsuccessful attempts by the Malbork mob trying to muscle in on their bustling burgher controlled economy to an absolutely devastating attempt by the Soviets to wipe their culture out, Lithuanians can only be admired for their amazing rise from subjegation.

Tomorrow, Saturday, July 10th, we are off to Klaipeda on the coast via Trakai and Kernave (archeological site).
Bob is doing a terrific job of driving and navagation with his handy little gps. My contribution thus far as been to shout stop for a photo op when it is virtually impossible on a two lane winding road. We are having a marvelous time!!!