All About Bergen

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Jul 312010

Oslo to Bergen was a day of breathtaking fjord scenery.  Famous as “Norway in a Nutshell,” we climbed between granite outcroppings on winding roads with white birch sentinels edging the  pine forests.  Suddenly we would dive into a long craggy tunnel and come out over sparkling water reflecting lush valleys and red farm buildings.  On one such tunnel entrance we were crowded on either side of the tunnel opening by a herd of sheep who had apparently sought shade and nearly ended up as lamb chops. The road is swift and treacherous and there is NO PLACE ALLOCATED FOR KODAK MOMENTS!

We arrived in Bergen and with guidance from the Goddess (Usually Brillant Emily Garman) and NUMEROUS RECALCULATIONS, bumping over closed off cobblestone one way streets the wrong way and nearly hitting the trillions of tourists meandering just off the cruise boats, we finally found our new neighborhood.