May 042014

Main Street at Dusk


The City Fathers out for the Evening


Mustard is Everywhere Patchworked in With New Green Growth


Spring Green and Yellow Over Every Hill and Valley


New Church Built to Look Old


Exciting Ancient Style Architecture

A long day across Hungary’s flat plain crossing from Poland to Slovenia and on into Hungary. How many Slovakians and Hungarians does it take to help 2 illiterate American tourists buy a road permit?? Too many to name, thank enough or count! The countryside throughout the day was glorious, verdant and colorful. Since it was May Day, a national holiday, everyone seemed to be either planting their gardens or working their fields.

Debrecene is just a nights stay, a way point, It used to be Europe’s largest Calvinist city (was called “The Calvinist Rome”) and we saw the Grand Church (Nagytemplom) which is a reminder of the city’s heritage.

Debrecen is also home to a university with  about 25,000 students.

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