Fez Up

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Dec 152010

The Medina of Fez is a warren of dark alleys and twisting turning passages densely congested with people, animals and carts bearing life’s essentials. Traffic flows in both directions. Relentless shouts of warning “Barek, barek!!” (Look out!) flatten all but the burdened against the walls as the porters exercise their right-of-way. Doorways to souks, to sacred Muslim buildings  as well as to homes emerge every few steps along the murky passages. Small children move about confidently on their way to school or another destination without any apparent care about loosing their way. We, as visitors, would have probably been more comfortable with a knotted rope like preschoolers or at least dropping some crumbs. I scarcely look down for fear of loosing line of sight with our guide.  Guide books promise that “going steadily with the flow”  eventually leads to a gate.