Jul 142013

Ashe suggested a delightful side trip into the mountains above Cedar City.  Early morning we quickly wound and climbed through cliffs of marine and river-bourne sandstone deposits which began about 150 million years ago.   These are  brilliant layer upon layer  uplifted skyward, glazed by volcanic ash and activity, eroded by frequent rains mixing with weak acid which reacts and eats away at the limestone.  Freezing temperatures expand water in the cracks of the rocks widening them into fissures and gullies.  Gravity unrelentingly pulls rocks from the cliffs.  This ceaseless process creates the incredible panorama near the top but every turn and bend in the upward climb is a surprising and glorious color display.
IMAG0117 IMAG3084 IMAG3111 IMAG3095 IMAG3102 IMAG3104 IMAG3108 IMAG0113 IMAG0112
href=”http://trekkertracks.info/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/IMAG0126.jpg”>IMAG0126 <a

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