Apr 212014

Originally built as an Augustinian monastary, the building now designated as the Luther House became part of the University of Wittenburg.

After Luther was ordained to the priesthood in 1507 in Erfurt, he was called by the first dean of the newly founded University of Wittenberg to teach theology. Here at Wittenburg, Luther earned two bachelor degrees as well as a Doctor of Theology by 1512. He was appointed to the permanent faculty in October of 1512 became part of the theological faculty of the University of Wittenberg and it was here that he spent the rest of his life. Among the rooms through which we walked were those where he lived both as a monk and later as a husband and father when raised his family, conversed with friends and colleagues to study and debate.   This was the primary local where he spent the remainder of his life.

Walking through the the restored rooms filled with original writings and objects and wonderful dynamic narratives, we were struck by Luther’s incredible courage and intellect.