Castles, Castles Everywhere…

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Aug 022010

Kronborg Castle, as a visitors destination, is in stark contrast to the rococo pompous magnificence of Fredriksborg Castle just “down the road.” Kronborg lacks the layer upon layer of carving, paintings and furniture and extensive restoration that are present in Denmark’s answer to Versailles, Fredriksborg Castle. Yet we found it a delight in understanding how castles sprinkled all over Europe functioned for royalty in their time. We were reminded that they basically remained empty with only a skeleton staff for a good part of any year until the royal family descended on the castle and the local nobility and landed gentry with retinue and furnishings and demands for local vassals to outfit, supply and support for the duration of the royals’ stay. Such a “request” was viewed as both a burden, an honor and a demonstration of loyalty.

Various rooms in Kronborg are “representatively” furnished or equipped but the castle is a fabulous experiential learning environment for families and children.

Pew People

The Chapel is the “jewel space” in the castle with a beautifully carved and colorful interior consecrated in 1582. The chapel escaped damage in the devastating fire of 1629 so we visitors have a sense of the brilliantly colored magnificence that originally characterized ALL of Kronborg Castle but is lost today.