Daytrip to Hoover Dam–More Reality and Relevance

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Jul 112013

Up River

A day trip to Hoover Dam turned into a bit of nostalgia as well as an antidote to Las Vegas. The day was beautiful, the crowds light and the timing perfect which was so unlike our last visit that had been unbearably hot and with school age children who were not particularly interested. Today we were struck by the engineering wonder of the time as well as by the lovely public art nouveau all of which combined to remind us of our accomplishments as a nation. It also inspired hope about what we can do as a country given leadership and our collective will.


Inside the Generator Room


Close Up and Personal


A Tribute to the Workmen

Hoover Dam remains a world renown structure which incorporated technical innovations developed during the dam’s construction transforming several traditional engineering methods and setting a precedent for furture large construction projects worldwide. Completed in four years, it was two years ahead of schedule and well under budget.
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Las Vegas–America’s Land of the Lotus Eaters

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Jul 102013

A chance to visit our Colorado family proved an irresistible opportunity to experience from here to there in depth. The easy drive to Las Vegas beached us on a strip that in the last forty years had metamorphosed into the Odysseus’ Land of the Lotus Eaters. Shop and spend, gamble and risk or immerse yourself in food and show–Disneyland for adults–a controlled fantasy environment that is totally self-absorbed. That said, we thoroughly enjoyed the Cirque Du Soleil “O,” their aquatic tapistry of acrobats, synchronized swimmers and divers at their permanent venue in the Bellagio as well as two spectacular meals. For two days we wandered and gawked in complete amazement. When we left, we did not need to be strapped to the seats of our car or the mast of the boat.